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Aladdin’s Baking Co. was founded by two brothers and their cousin in 1970. An uncle mentored them in the art of producing the finest pita bread. The three ambitious entrepreneurs laid a foundation of family values and a hard work ethic when establishing the company. The beginning was humble where the owners had no choice but to wear many different hats. Marketing the product, manually producing the product, and distributing the product were all common tasks the owners had to do themselves. Despite the rigorous demands the owners faced, they all had faith in themselves, in one another, and in the product.

Being a Mediterranean product, pita bread was not widely recognizable in the US. However, success resulted from the pita’s great taste, its nutritional and low fat contents, and the owners’ unrelenting drive to succeed. Soon the manual process of producing the pita was replaced by automation. The bread was no longer delivered from the back of one of their convertibles, but rather by a truck they had purchased. In addition, the owners hired personnel to assist them with the daily operations. The three owners finally began to see their vision materialize right before their very eyes.

Today, Aladdin’s Baking Co. is a Cleveland landmark. Not only is it famous for its renowned pita bread, but it is also regarded as one of the best places to grab a sandwich in the Greater Cleveland Area. Supplementing these offerings are the wide variety of imported goods from the Mediterranean region. Whether customers purchase Aladdin’s Baking products for its great taste, its affordability, or its nutritional contents, Aladdin’s Baking Co. remains dedicated to providing the best value it possibly can for its customers.

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