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The parallel between the development of bread and agriculture is undeniable. It is believed that these revolutionary changes in the way humans cultivated their food began in the biblical lands known as the “Fertile Crescent.” In this magical area replete with historical and cultural significance, wheat was cultivated from wild grasses.

Ancient peoples first ate this wheat as a gruel of crushed grain and water. Undoubtedly experimentation revealed that baking this recipe resulted in a better taste – and thus the first bread had been discovered. This original bread was shaped into flat cakes and baked in fire or on hot stones. Therefore, the first type of bread can be classified as a flat bread. The next major development in the bread making process was fermentation. The addition of this latest advancement completed the set of fundamentals necessary to bake bread that we are accustomed to today.

The flat bread developed by the ancients is the original and healthiest form of bread in the world. Today, the pita bread that Aladdin’s Baking Co. produces is a type of flat bread that continues this time-honored tradition. Although a variety of baking processes have surfaced throughout the years leading to various forms of bread, it is clear that the original flat breads were the ones enjoyed by Jesus, Mohammed, and Moses. So the next time you treat yourself to a piece of Aladdin’s Baking Co. pita bread, know that you are not only improving your diet from a nutritional standpoint, but you are also enjoying the great taste that has endured for thousands of years.

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